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Bianca Vesco

“I hit the ground running and I’ve literally been sprinting ever since,” says the 25-year-old rising star of New York City’s group fitness scene, who got her first gig just over a year ago and is now a beloved instructor at top studios like BFX, Brooklyn Bodyburn, and The Dogpound. It helps that she’s a born (and trained) performer, a fact that is apparent as soon as she clips on a microphone and starts warming everyone up to the beat (before the killer burpees come in), and her years teaching music therapy infuse her instruction with careful cues and empathy. “My passion in life is just to teach and to inspire,” she says. Here’s the crazy path she took to...
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Get Nerdy With Us

Cherry, watermelon...what? You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers, all of which are based on solid scientific research. Don’t worry, we broke it down into language that won’t make your head hurt. WellWell for? You’ve likely heard the term inflammation, and it’s a buzzword for a reason. Modern life is fast, active, and intense, from tough interval training workouts to long hours at the office to iPhone alerts that never cease. The inflammatory response is your body’s way of protecting itself, but if it’s overactive and constant, it can cause a long list of health problems, from digestive issues to autoimmune diseases. WellWell can help manage that response—so if you live in the fast-paced, real world, it’s for you....
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